Ems Easy Eco



Purity Scar and Stretch Mark Lotion 50ml




- Maintains healthy blood circulation to prevent new stretchmarks 
- Maintains skins natural elasticity to prevent new stretchmarks  
- Wound healing essential oils to reduce the appearance of old scars and stretchmarks
- Soothes and prevents the itchy feeling as your skin stretches 
- Gentle citrus fragrance

This gentle body lotion contains a range of fruit extracts and essential oils that work in a number of ways to soften and reduce scar tissue and stretch marks. This product contains only the finest essential oils in a delicate lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin. As there are no harsh essential oils, this lotion is also suitable for pregnant women 

Lemon Essential Oil

Due to its high levels of Vitamin C, lemon essential oil’s function as an immune system booster is vital to skin repair and regeneration. Lemon stimulates the white blood cells, increasing the body’s ability produce healthy, new skin cells that will eventually cover over the old, dead cells in a scar.

Coconut Oil

High in Vitamin E, coconut oil decreases the appearance of stretch marks, by accelerating the skin’s recovery following damage. 

Grapeseed Extract

Grape-seed extract boosts wound healing. When applied during pregnancy this ingredient prevents the appearance and formation of stretchmark by regenerating any damaged blood vessels and improving connectivity skin collagen and tissue.


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