Ems Easy Eco


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Available Recycling:


  • Lavazza Eco Caps- this brand only. Please empty grounds out into your food waste bin.
  • Any brand of cheese packaging
  • Babybel packaging - wax, netting, labels. This brand only.
  • Baylis & Harding - caps, pumps, tubing. This brand only. Please recycle bottles in your normal recycling.
  • All brands of beauty packaging - eye shadow/powder compacts, lip balm/stick/gloss, highlighter/bronzer sticks, mascara tubes/wands, make up wipe packaging, flexible plastic/metal tubes for body creams/ointments/moisturisers.
  • Any brand of biscuits and crackers packaging (not crisps).
  • Home hygiene packaging- dishwasher tablet flexible bags, cleaning wipes packaging, cleaning product refill flexible packaging.
  • Pringles tubes & caps. This brand only.


  • Unopened personal care products to be donated to charities
  • New/used bras for charity