Ems Easy Eco


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Who We Are

Em’s passion for the environment comes from early childhood, when she wrote to the Prime Minister to ask why he wasn’t doing anything about the destruction happening to the Amazon rainforest after she learnt about it in school. Unfortunately this is still something that is yet to be resolved. Growing up and seeing the development of recycling facilities and the lack of momentum of big corporations and the government only encouraged her to do more. Em was appointed ‘eco-warrior’ at her previous job, where she was tasked with seeing where the company could reduce its carbon footprint. 

Em’s Easy Eco stemmed from a passion for reducing our impact on the environment. In the modern day world it is hard to completely reduce our impact on the environment but we are hoping to make it a little easier for you! Em’s Easy Eco is a zero waste shop that strives to make a low impact lifestyle attainable for all through offering environmentally friendly products and food without excessive packaging. Our solution is not perfect and we will endeavour to adapt our methods to best suit our customers and our values.