Ems Easy Eco

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Who We Are

Em’s Easy Eco is a zero waste refill shop based in Bramhall, Stockport that strives to make a low impact lifestyle attainable for all through offering environmentally friendly products and food without excessive packaging.

Growing up in Bramhall, Emily knows the local area very well and knew that a refill shop was needed in Bramhall, as there is no other business like it in the local area. 

Established in October 2020 by Emily, who has been passionate about the environment since early childhood at the age of 6 in primary school, when she wrote to the Prime Minister to ask why he wasn’t doing anything about the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. Unfortunately, this is something that is yet to be resolved, 20 years later! 

In those 20 years, we have seen the development of recycling facilities and the lack of momentum of large corporations and the government, which only encouraged Emily to do more. 

In the modern world, it is hard to completely reduce our impact on the environment, but we are hoping that we can make it a little easier for you! Our solution is not perfect, and we will adapt our methods to best suit our customers and our values.


Our business generates virtually no non-recyclable waste. The plastic bag packaging from our food refills is returned to our suppliers, where the plastic is recycled. We also received some food refills in paper bags. 

Our liquid refills are supplied in 20 litre and 5 litre containers that are all returned to our suppliers. The majority of our liquid refills are supplied by Miniml and Fill Refill, both of these companies wash and reuse the containers which creates a fully circular economy. 

Our waste from sweeping the floor is composted as it is generally food waste. 

We do have a mixed recycling bin, which is generally used for cardboard recycling when we cannot give the cardboard away to customers to be reused.

If there is any of our fresh bakery left over at the end of the day, we use the app Too Good To Go, meaning none of our products are thrown away!


Our energy supply is 100% renewable. This is something we have pushed for, as we found it difficult for our energy company to be 100% transparent about the origins of our energy. 


When you order from Em’s Easy Eco the packaging will be 100% recyclable/reusable. We use cardboard boxes with paper tape for postal orders and paper bags for local orders, liquids will require the purchase of our reusable bottles or your bottles can be dropped off for us to refill in store, and any food purchased will be supplied in paper bags which are 100% compostable. 


We have carefully selected over 25 small businesses to supply our hand-made and hand-picked products. Of these small businesses, they are often run by either one or two people, meaning that we can guarantee the quality and origins of each product, and we have created special relationships with all of our suppliers. 

We also use a couple of larger businesses and these are chosen for their co-operative status and the ethical products they supply.