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Refillable Glass Bottle with Pump/Trigger - Clear/Amber


Our refillable glass bottles are perfect for those who are wanting to reduce their plastic waste from household cleaning products and beauty products. 

Bottles: These rustic, traditional style bottles are perfect for storing household cleaning chemicals, as well as health and beauty products. The amber tinted glass provides protection from harmful UV light rays, making it suitable for storing light sensitive products. We currently have two sizes of glass bottles in stock, the 500ml bottle is perfect for storing our refillable hand soap, anti-bacterial gel, and cleaning products. The 1000ml bottle is ideal for storing our refillable liquid soap, conditioner, and household cleaning products. 

Attachments:We offer a variety of attachments to make your glass bottles suitable for any job. These attachments are made from plastic, but they are also reusable meaning there is not as much waste produced from using them. We have different colours to suit your household aesthetics also; we have black and white spray trigger attachments, perfect from household cleaning product and water distribution, and black, white, and silver metal pump attachments, which are ideal for soaps, lotions, gels, and other beauty products. 

Please note these bottles are sold empty.


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