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Cup Tea Strainer




Wide mouth tea strainer with handles, which make it perfect for teapots, mugs, or bottles. The handles made placing and lifting easier, and helps avoid being scalded by hot steam. Fine mesh strainer reduces the small tea leaves that fall through. Contains a lid that can be used as a mat to rest the strainer on to reduce mess. Made in Hebei Province in China. Makers are paid double the minimum wage. Work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and get every holiday off. The factory provides annual health checks and provides nutritious food through their factory canteen. The workers have a union and their feedback is highly valued by the company. Food grade stainless steel 304 ensures no rust. Cleaning: Dishwasher safe. Wash and dry after use to keep in a good condition. To remove tea stains, simply use bicarbonate of soda dissolved in warm water then softly scrub the strainer.

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