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Bumblezest Fuel & Focus




Restoring and refreshing energy drink infused with Green Coffee Beans, Matcha, and Yerba Mate. Contains 80mg caffeine (similar to a standard cup of coffee), so it's the perfect alternative to coffee that doesn't give you the 'jitters'. Low sugar. Low calorie. Enjoy as a natural pre-workout to enhance performance and boost energy levels, or drink at lunch to help power you through the afternoon. Ingredients: Sparkling WaterLemon Juice 4.6%, Maple Syrup 3.5%, Yerba Mate 0.1%, Matcha Green Tea Extract 0.1%, Cinnamon Extract 0.1%, Natural Flavours, Himalayan Salt 0.04%, Green Coffee Bean Extract 0.03% 250ml. Non BPA Aluminium Can. Store at room temperature, best served chilled.

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