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Mug Run Coffee


Mug Run Coffee

Prices per 100g

Freshly roasted. Ethical coffee. Hand crafted with a spoon full of Welsh Love. Roasted in Rhyl.

Grown attentively. Roasted diligently. Extracted suitably by grind. Fair pay for all.

Shed Blend, Mug Run Coffee's Signature Blend: Tasting notes of chocolate, cherry, and brown sugar. Roast 4.

Peru; El Palto: Tasting notes of biscuit, milk chocolate, honey, and hazelnut. Roast 4.

The El Palto is a village within the Bellavista district. This coffee grown is Caturra and Castillo veriatals on 5 farms of 1-2 hectares each at between 1670-1715masl. Once harvested the cherries are then processed by using the Wet process.

Ethiopia; Mustefa Abekeno Organic Sparkling Water Decaf: Tasting notes peach, manderine, ginger bread, and coconut. Roast 4.

Ethiopia; Mustefa Abekeno Lot 21 Organic: Tasting notes peach, mango, apple, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. Roast 4.

This coffee is a Natural process Heirloom varietal. Mustefa Abakeno is a smallholder with an 18 hectare farm located 2040masl near Agaro in Western Ethiopia. Their coffee processing is split into 50/50 (Wet/Natural) processing as water is limited in the area.


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